ISSP Autumn Scientific Meeting

14.11.2020    -   Virtual symposium

The International Society for Sports Psychiatry ISSP is delighted to announce its autumn scientific symposium for 2020. The symposium will be hosted on zoom. It is free and is open for all ISSP members to attend. The format is a 90-minute meeting and speaker has been invited to give a 7 minute presentation of their work.

List of presenters

Paulo Sousa Martins (Portugal)
TrainYourBrain: A Proposal for a Structured Physical Activity Program for Patients with Schizophrenia

Paul Gorczynski (UK)
Examining mental health literacy, depressive symptoms, help seeking behaviors, and wellbeing in soccer match officials in the UK

Nitin Shulka (Australia)
The Consultant Coach: Executive coaching as a model to assist the practice of Sports Psychiatry

James Moley (USA)
Relationship between mild traumatic brain injury and personality disorder

Ranjit Menon (Australia)
Personality Disorder in Elite Athletes

Shane Creado (USA)
The overlap of sleep and mental health problems

Carlos Gonzalez Hofmann (Switzerland)
Swiss Society for Sports Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and SSSPP-Curriculum

Tom McCabe (UK)
Football’s Influence on Lifelong health and Dementia risk (FIELD) study is a multidisciplinary collaboration investigating longer-term health outcomes in professional soccer players


ISSP Autumn Scientific Meeting

List of abstracts

Nächste Forschungstreffen, Journal Club - Sportpsychiatrie und -psychotherapie

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