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Journal: Sports Psychiatry

Call for papers - Physical activity and sport in child and adolescent psychiatry

The sixth issue of Sports Psychiatry - Journal of Sports and Exercise Psychiatry will focus on the topic of physical activity and sport in child and adolescent psychiatry. Amongst others, topics of interest include the role of exercise and sports in children with neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, ASD, etc), risk factors for psychiatric disorders among young athletes, and their underlying mechanisms.

We are pleased to receive your submissions by January 15th, 2023, e.g. original articles, meta-analyses, position papers, or letters to the editor. All contributions will be reviewed by the editors and undergo a peer-review process.

Approximate Timeline

  • optional: Letter of intent to Dr Ludyga
  • until January 15th, 2023: Submission of the full manuscript
  • The issue is planned to be published in the second quarter of 2023

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Guest Editors

Sebastian Ludyga, PhD
Research associate and lecturer, Physical and Health Education
University of Basel

Alain Di Gallo, MD
Director of the Clinic for Children and Adolescents
University Psychiatric Clinics Basel

Peter Weber, MD
Director of Neuropediatrics and Developmental Medicine
University Children's Hospital of Basel[at]


Malte Christian Claussen, MD
President SGSPP
Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich

Swiss Society for Sports Psychiatry and Psychotherapy SSSPP